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SWIPE Red Cleaning Detergent - NZD $13.90

  • Hard on Grease but Soft on Hands
    Apply a droplet or two onto sponge. The rich lather provides effective cleaning power. Wash and then rinse off, leaving dishes/utensils sparkling clean. Contains special moisturising agent, especially suitable for those with sensitive skin. 

    Easy to Rinse
    Unlike other detergents, SWIPE Super Concentrate Dish-washing Detergent is easy to rinse off. Saves time and effort!

    Super concetrated formula. Cleans your dishes with just a few droplets
    Super concentrated formula. Equivalent to 3 litres of normal detergents. Cleans your dishes with only a few droplets!

    SWIPE Dish-washing Detergent is Biodegradable
    SWIPE Dish-washing Detergent is tested by an independent laboratory in Germany. Experimental results proved that it is harmless to the skin under normal use.

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